is for Teachers

to manage classes, to allow children to email securely, and to read and write stories in collaboration with others


Secure, simulated email between classmates.  Just like the real thing!


Set Targets. Communicate, instruct and interact with your class online.


Collaborative story-writing, with teacher and peer assessment.


Agree to work with another class at your school, or around the world.


Stories by teachers for children to read and star in.  Write your own!


Sign up without obligation to try Kidscapism out.  Free trial period.

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Thank you for your interest in Kidscapism.

The site is designed mainly for schools to manage reading and writing activities for the children at their school.

Most of the site's facilities (for sending and receiving (pretend) email, and for any class activities) are not available until your child is joined to a class by a teacher at their school.


When your child is signed up by their teacher:

  • they cannot be contacted through the site unless the teacher approves this.  
  • they do not have a real email address
  • they can only communicate with others at their school
  • they can only communicate outside their school with a class that their teacher has formally linked up with.
  • their teacher can switch off the child's access to the site (for example outside school hours)


What can they do?

  • learn the basics of email using this secure internal system
  • write stories and share them with their classmates
  • collaborate with others in producing stories - of any length or style
  • respond to tasks set by their teachers
  • read stories written by teachers
  • become the star of the stories


If you have any concerns or wish to suggest the site to your child's school, please see their teacher, or contact us here

Print out a short guide here

 KS News...

Assessment without Levels!

We now have a new site which is a comprehensive solution to the problem of assessing students without using exams or levels.  Check it out at

by [field_preferred_name] on 30.10.15

NEW! Learning Videos

Check out new learning videos - maths, literacy and science - made by children for children.

by [field_preferred_name] on 7.3.15

Mark work online...

Check out our new feature - set a WALT, attach a target, and display the WALT to students.  You mark each day against the WALT, children can comment back to you and indicate their progress on the WALT and the target.  Go to your class page.

by [field_preferred_name] on 6.11.14

Student Portfolios

Students can now submit a portfolio of work for a class activity set by their teacher.  Stories, emails, comments, files, and media can be attached to the portfolio and sent to the teacher for marking.

by [field_preferred_name] on 17.3.14

Manage Class Activities

We have created an easy way for teachers to write instructions to their class - and attach documents, pics etc. to show the children.  Once created, teachers can choose which classes see them.

by [field_preferred_name] on 7.1.14

School days only?

We are testing a feature which allows you to automatically block your students outside school hours.  Go to 'Block/Rename Students' for details.

by [field_preferred_name] on 31.10.13

Improved Target Setting

Setting and displaying targets for your students is now much easier.  Just select students, select targets, and apply.  All on one page. Students can self-evaluate against each target, and teachers can feed back.

by [field_preferred_name] on 14.8.13

Getting Started

Please note that the Getting Started Guide is being updated almost daily at the moment - the latest section has details on setting and maintaining students' targets.

by [field_preferred_name] on 3.3.13